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About Dr.Alka Kumar

Physician, Real Estate Investor and Mother

I am a single mom of two kids who has lived in Tampa Bay area for last 15 years. Mine is not a rags to riches story but story of hard work, constantly trying to improve myself and trying to better life for myself and my children.

I came to this county with $40 in my pocket and made a life here. Now, as I am growing older, I am looking to set up passive monthly income to supplement retirement, financial freedom and giving back.

I work part time as a physician and spend rest of the time pursuing real estate opportunities.

Over last 3 years, our company has acquired single family and small multifamily (duplex, triplex and quadruplex) properties in Tampa bay area providing affordable, clean and comfortable housing to families.

I have also invested passively in several different real estate Syndications for last 3 years through my self directed IRA. This has included new construction, mobile home park, mortgage note investing and apartment buildings. I have invested passively as a limited partner in 420 unit apartment.

We are currently looking to buy small to medium size Mobile Home Parks and small to medium size apartment buildings now as it fits in with our model of providing safe affordable housing. We have access to capital and are able to close deals fast and believe in making it a win win for all of us doing business together.

I am very passionate about real estate and its my goal to spread the awareness to professional women (especially single women in medicine) that lining up passive income through real state is a sound strategy that is achievable. I am risk averse but I do believe in taking what I call Smart Risk after education and looking at worst case scenario in any potential investment.

I would love to share my real estate journey and experiences. If you would like to learn more about creating passive income, free free to reach out.

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